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Static IPs & Subnets assigned via ClientArea

Product Add-Ons (Optional)

  • /mo + $0/setup = 1 Static IP Address
  • /mo + $0/setup = 1 Static IP Address & /30 Routed Subnet
  • /mo + $0/setup = 1 Static IP Address & /29 Routed Subnet

Product Information

UNMETERED.Direct/Ethernet/300   Dolphin

We negotiate on a volume basis on behalf of our members to maintain and increase offering(s) throughout our regions served; we understand that not all solutions are the same and ensuring the subtle capabilities (like 'unfiltered ports') stay available for our members in our evolving economy is a part of our purpose.

Consistent Performance by Design

Scalable regional partners provision uplink and last-mile cross-connect capacity to serve peak volume without hinderance, period * * If there is congestion, please notify our network team through any of the support methods for further investigation and remediation. Free congestion-related connection-type transfers!
By partnering with commercial-grade carriers : data is handled from "last mile" providers by regional network partners at the highest standards.

No Transfer Limit

UNMETERED™ GBs per Month means... Watch Videos, Play Online, Download Music and Upload Documents as much as you like. Even Off-Site Record CCTV! For us, this will never change : principles & value by name.

Unfiltered Ports

Host a server in your own home! Many ISPs will block ports. UNMETERED.IO does NOT!
  •   Websites (80,443)
  •   File Transfer Protocol (21)
  •   Mail Servers SMTP,POP3 (25,110)
  •   IRC Servers (6667)
  •   Microsoft SQL Servers (1433-1434)
  •   GRE Tunnels
Some join our network because they understand the long-term implications of what we're doing while others simply demand a great value for their loved ones.
UNMETERED.IO delivers fastest speeds available to your service address : performance maintained by regional carrier service level agreement between subscriber service address demarcation point and carrier access concentrator / headend / router ; regional routing partners maintain network capacity for enterprise / business-quality service standards. Members and/or their on-site assistants are expected to have novice technical literacy to complete user-accessible device configuration.

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